Anna teaches the Geography Field Study Leaving Certificate ’21 on site and supplies the instruments for it.

This is also available to Transition Year Students as part of their day trip.

Field Studies in the Burren
The unique landscape of the Burren makes it a really great location for many of the types of practical fieldwork required for the Leaving Certificate. Students will have a unique opportunity to get a practical education in this area.

Limestone Pavements
The most striking and unusual habitat of the Burren are the large areas of limestone pavement.
Th different environments of grykes and clints offer  ideal micro climates  for the Burren’s many rare flowers.

Limestone Uplands
On the Burren hilltops, heath and wild grassland contrast with cultivated grassland and hazel scrub in the valleys down below.
Heather and other acid loving plants can often be found in association with limestone loving plants due to the unusual soil conditions.

You can download the syllabus below:
Geography Syllabus

Primary School children are taken on a short nature walk through the land and learn about a Karst region, and the Biodiversity of the area for their Greenschools Flag.